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DAF X vac hydro excavator


X Vac hydro excavator built on a DAF 8 wheel chassis.


Very clean low hours.


Water Pump
• X-10 18 GPM at 3,000 PSI

Unit Size
• X-10 12 cubic yards solids collection tank

Water Tanks
• X-10 Four side-mounted 250-gallon

Vacuum Producer
X-10  3,850 CFM 27” Hg

Single Enclosure
Protects water pump and hose reel

Cyclone Separator
Features oversized collection chamber and discharge valve

Multi-function Remote Control
Operates both boom and water pump

360º Radius Boom
Mounted behind the cab

Tube Racks
For convenient storage of tubes and jetting wands

Large Cabin/Toolbox
Large cabin/toolbox storage

Cold Water Recirculation System
Includes antifreeze system for water pump


For more info visit and look at the X10